RAF Shinfield Park

Headquarters Flying Training Command 

(27th May 1940 - 1st June 1968)

Ted Williams

Photos and scans




Me and John Ogwen



Shinfield 0001

Shinfield 0002

2 SPs now in Australia

10 rapid

Actor Derek Smee

Cpl living in Australia

J Honnable Blandford Lodge

Me 1952

Me Bisley

P Staff

Ted 25

Ted Williams

The lads at Blandford

The range

west k2

‘The Gremlin’ scans

From the camp and later acting roles

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Ted’s friend the late Derek Smee acting clip

Clip from ‘Dr Who: Spearhead from Space (1970)’

Derek plays John Ransome, a scientist in a toy factory that has been taken over by the Autons, who of course have come to take over the earth. He has been given his notice and protests magnificently ... but to no avail. He ultimately ends up as Auton fodder!

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