RAF Shinfield Park

Headquarters Flying Training Command 

(27th May 1940 - 1st June 1968)

Ron Alexander

A resume of Ron’s service

I was called up for National Service in March 1951. On arrival at Cardington, I decided to sign up for four years. Reason being I would receive 15 shillings (£0.75.) per week on National Service and 30 shillings (£1.50.) As a Regular Airman. Included were 1 and ½ years as a reserve. Total 5 and ½ years.

Start one week at Cardington kit supply, eight weeks West Kirby Square Bashing (Initial Training), Ten weeks Pershore RAF Police Training (harder than Square Bashing). 

Then first operational camp as a Policeman, Reading, Headquarters Flying Training Command, From there I moved back to Pershore, now Flying Training for National Service Pilot Officer Training (18 month to train leaving 6 month with a squadron) Aircraft used, Oxfords and Chipmunks. 

From Pershore, I moved to Hopton near Great Yarmouth. This was a brand new underground bunker, capable of survival for the staff during a nuclear attack. It was a CHEL Radar Station (Chain Home Extra Low Radar). RAF Police Dogs and Handlers here.  High Security.

Final move to Topcliffe, Yorkshire. Coastal  Command. Flying Neptune Aircraft, used during the Cold War, for submarine hunting.  Here at Topcliffe, I became a member of the RAF Mountain Rescue Team. This was a voluntary job on top of Police duties.

From my first Posting after training I had my cycle with me, on the camps and covered many miles in England. While at Reading I cycled my furthest in a day 175 miles to Norwich.

March 1955 back to Cardington to collect Civilian Suit etc. (including soft hat passed on to my father. I would not wear it, in present day terms,  it was not cool). I also kept all uniform and collected a travel warrant and instructions for travel from Dundee (my home) to Durness, Radar Station, North Coast Scotland , in the event of hostilities. 

I am happy to say I never had to go to Durness.

Born in 1931.

Jock White and Ron Alexander

Tommy Morgan

Ron Alexander and Jock White

Jock White and Ron Alexander

Jock White

MT Driver

Jock White and Tommy Morgan

(added by Andre) Cpl Ron Alexander ... I think!

Jock White at entrance

Tommy Morgan, Jock White and Ron Alexander Guard room

Ron Alexander with ET room behind at side of Guard room

Ron’s photographs from the camp 

Blandford Lodge1951/52

Ron’s Reunion 2010 photos

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