This is a selection of some of the recorded songs originating from a folk group that I was part of at Orpington College in Kent. An old photograph below shows our group just before performing at a dinner at the college. At one time the group consisted of 5 members. Kari is at left with Dave and Maggie next. I am at far right. I cannot remember the name of ‘Tambourine Man’.

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The Agincourt Carol   Byker Hill   Chicken on a Raft   Idumea   Lowlands   Pretty Nancy of Yarmouth   Randy Dandy O!

Reynard the Fox   Rolling of the Stone   The Banks of the Nile   The Blacksmith   The Claudy Banks   The King   

The Lake Wake Dirge   The Times they are a-Changing   What if a Day?   Wondrous Love

Orpington folk group

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