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Lorna and I were married in 1973 and now live in Nottingham, UK. We have a daughter, Imogen, who currently lives and works in Birmingham.

Originally, I had quite a few photos of the house and garden … but many have been lost over time. However, Open Garden 2012 has survived thanks to Google. I will resurrect more as soon as I have time.

Andre and Lorna, Lanzarote 2005


We have had a few Open Garden events for charity, normally held in July. 

  • In 2010, our first, we raised £60 for Cancer Research UK. Their acknowledgement is here.
  • In 2011 we raised about £200 for The British Heart Foundation
  • In 2012 we supported the Parkinson's Disease Society with an Open Garden on Sunday, 29th July, raising £180. Their acknowledgement is here.
  • There was no event in 2013, but hopefully ones in the future.

Imogen 2011

There is some information about my background in About me and a story prompted by an old photograph of my father and I in The photograph … .

Some of my interests are shown in Blog link (where I wax lyrical, generally about things I don’t like), Twitter media and Extras (solo recordings), I originally joined Facebook and really tried to come to terms with it, but I found the whole environment too controlling and I left.

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